Signs you need a website

7 Signs You Need a New Website for Your Business, founded in 1985, holds the distinction of being the internet's inaugural and oldest web domain. Even they recognized the importance of updating their appearance to align with contemporary search and user preferences.

For some small business owners, web design might appear as an unnecessary expenditure. However, it's quite the contrary. User behaviors and Google search algorithms undergo constant evolution. Failure to consistently modernize your website means forfeiting valuable traffic and potential customers.

But how does one decide they need for an upgrade or their very first website? Below, we outline seven indicators or rationales signaling the necessity for a new website.

Continue reading to decide if any resonate with your situation!

1. You Still Don't Have a Website

Surprisingly, a considerable portion of American small businesses operate without any online presence.

While it might be ok for a standalone gas station situated in a bustling location, it presents a substantial drawback for most other businesses. Without a website, you're forfeiting all of the people that turn to the internet for answers and local businesses.

Fortunately, there is a quick solution to this predicament. There's no better moment than now to invest into budget-friendly website design solutions. Today, hosting websites is cost-effective, design processes are swift and economical, and maintenance is hassle-free—provided you collaborate with a proficient provider.

2. Your Current Website is Ugly or Outdated

The saying goes: "Don't judge a book by its cover." However, this principle doesn't translate well to your online presence.

Your website's primary objective is to captivate and engage visitors, prompting them to interact with your site according to the company's objectives.
Whether it's purchasing a product (for an e-commerce venture), requesting a service quote (for a plumber or roofer), or scheduling an appointment (for a medical practice), the aim remains the same.

Yet, a study uncovered that nearly 40% of visitors will promptly exit a website if they perceive it as visually unappealing.

Therefore, if your website's appearance seems stuck in 2014 rather than 2024, it's imperative to prioritize a website redesign without delay!

3. Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

You're likely tethered to your smartphone, with users spending over 3 hours daily browsing social media, websites, emails, podcasts, and more.

It's reasonable to assume your customers are similarly engaged, necessitating a website that excels on desktops and seamlessly adjusts to smaller screens.

This urgency stems from nearly 60% of web traffic originating from mobile devices, spanning smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Fortunately, contemporary website builders integrate responsive design technology, simplifying adaptation to this evolving digital landscape.

4. You're Not Getting the Results You Expect From Your Site

You've aced the critical first impression, ensuring your website shines on mobile devices. However, despite these efforts, you're not reaping the desired influx of leads—at least, not to the extent you anticipated.

Low conversion rates may stem from an inadequately optimized website design that fails to facilitate your customer's journey through your sales funnel. While they may discover your site, navigating through it can leave them feeling disoriented, unsure of where to proceed or what action to take.

A redesign prioritizing clear calls-to-action holds the potential to propel you toward achieving your conversion objectives.

5. Business Is Slow, and Sales Are Stagnating

With a longstanding and reputable business, your website has been a reliable asset in the past.

Prospective clients could easily locate you and initiate contact through phone calls or the contact form on your site to inquire about your services.

However, the influx of inquiries seems to have dwindled lately. What could be the cause?

Chances are, your aging website isn't adequately optimized for inbound marketing.

It's crucial to incorporate elements that offer visitors educational and insightful content, addressing their concerns and fostering trust in your expertise.

6. You Have a High Bounce Rate

The bounce rate, according to Google Analytics, indicates the percentage of visitors who land on a single page of your website. Essentially, it quantifies those who navigate away shortly after arriving, whether immediately or after a brief stay.

A bounce rate exceeding 56% to 70% (or higher) is deemed high. This suggests that your website lacks sufficient content to engaging and retain visitors' interest and encourage further exploration.

To address this issue, enhancing your website is imperative. It should provide visitors with clear paths to navigate and engage at every stage of their interaction.

7. Your Website Isn't Secure

A lapse in security protocols on your website can lead to a downgrade in Google search rankings, resulting in decreased visibility. Moreover, if visitors perceive your site as insecure, they're less inclined to place trust in your brand.

In today's digital landscape, having an SSL certificate is a bare minimum requirement. It serves as a foundational trust indicator for both visitors and Google. However, certain small businesses may need to contemplate upgrading to even more robust encryption methods, particularly if they handle sensitive client data.

We Build Small Business Websites That Work

If you have a nagging feeling that your website needs an overhaul, it's essential to trust your instincts. If your intuition is urging you to act, chances are, you should have made the investment yesterday. Even if just one of the points outlined resonates with you, it's a clear sign that an upgrade is overdue.

Perhaps you've received feedback from customers expressing frustration with the navigation on your site, or you're concerned about your online visibility. Are you able to navigate the site seamlessly and update content as needed?

Feel free to reach out to our agency today to initiate discussions about revitalizing your website. Specializing in cost-effective web solutions and small business websites, we ensure effectiveness, optimization, and security are top priorities.